• Come to MADRID, the Mekka of padel, and train with our professional padel coaches

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Come to Spain and improve your skills. Since 11 years back, we arrange padel training camps in the center of padel, Madrid. We can offer you a fantastic experience with professional padel trainers at high standard padel clubs where we have a tournament the last day with local spanish padel players and a dinner with a price ceremony.

Train with professional padel coach by hour

If you don't want a complete Padel event but are in Madrid for the weekend or at a job trip and want to improve your skills, sign up for a training session with our professional padel coaches. We can also arrange a mini tournament against local Spanish players.

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Professional trainers

Local professional spanish trainers with a minimum level of 5 in the international padel ranking system (1-7)

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The last day we will have a international tournament against local spanish players

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City life

If you choose to play in Madrid, you will live close to the center. Madrid is often called Europe's New York, a city that never sleeps and is full of life 24/7

“Our mission is to improve your Skills, to make you a better player”

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Included in the padel event

These days are focused to improve your padel skills and you will spend around 10-12 hours on the padel court during the first 3 days and then a full day at the tournament. We believe that we can improve you between 0,5-1 level on the international ranking scale which range between 1-7.

4 Hours training with professional trainer

4 hours training matches

5 hours international matches against Spain

Banquett dinner with wine tasting

4 nights accommodation

Transit to and from Airport and to and from accomodation to padel court

Local guide

Ranking system

Maggy Padel Events


All our trainers are professional trainer and high class padel players

Time on court

You will spend aprox 12 hours on the padel court


Final day you will play a tournament against local spanish players

Improve your game

Our mission is to improve your level 0.5 to 1 level on the international scale


We have arranged padel camps since 2010

City life


Our pricing plans

Per hour

Madrid 75€
  • Professional trainer

  • 1 Hour padel

  • Padel rack during session

  • Extra player 35€ (max 2 extra)

  • In Madrid you can add transfer to and from hotel for 40€



Full day

Madrid 290€
  • Professional trainer

  • 4 Hours padel

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Padel rack during session

  • Extra player 130€ (max 2 extra)

  • In Madrid you can add transfer to and from hotel for 40€


Padel Event (3 days)

850 €
  • Professional trainer

  • 12 Hours padel

  • 3 hotell nights

  • Transport to and from airport

  • Transport to and from padel camp

  • Banquett with dinner and wine tasting

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History of Padel

Padel as a sport originated in 1969 in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco. The founder of padel. Enrique Corcuera, was a rich business man. At home, he didn't have enough space to put in a tennis courts, so he came up with a similar sport. He created a court that was 10 by 20 metres in size and surrounded by 3-4 metre high walls. Today, Spain and Argentina are the leading padel countries.

Padel in Spain

When Spanish king Juan Carlos and ex-Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana started promoting the sport, its popularity rose quickly and is today the number two sport after football in Spain and where the center of padel in Spain is Madrid.

Padel in Argentina

The development of the sport took another great leap as a friend of De Hohenlohe, Julio Menditengui, brought the sport to Argentina. Padel in Argentina grew to become a national sport with more than 10,000 courts and 2 million players.


In Spain the amount of players already reached 1 million in the 90s making it one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Spain and Argentina remain, to this day, the top countries in official tournaments and international competition.

Maggy Padel Team

Jesus Hernandez Castan

Co Founder. Played padel before he could walk, only passion aside from playing padel is padel rackets. Jesus is also running a padel shop focused on the Siux brand

Peter Glyt

Co Founder. Played tennis before he moved to Madrid in 2007. Hasn't touched a tennis racket since he played padel the first time in 2007.

Erik Carlman

Co Founder. Been thinking of moving back to Sweden since 2005 but as there were no padel courts there until recently, it has been impossible

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